Customer Enrolment Solutions

Fino Paytech has developed applications that can be used to effectively acquire micro customers. This can be achieved using simple processes and minimal hardware (including mobiles) to address the infrastructural challenges on ground. Fino Paytech's services also assist Indian entities to leverage this technology towards rapid acquisition of micro customers.


Customer Acquisition System

Unlike a banking model that requires customers to physically visit a branch, Fino Paytech's Customer Acquisition System allows customers to be enrolled / acquired at the convenience of their doorstep. This process is quicker and simpler for customers as well as banks, while at the same time, it retains the core essence of banking as well.


Mobile/ Kit Based Enrolment

Customers Enrolment

An enrolment station typically consists of a laptop connected to a web camera, finger print scanner and a signature pad (optional). The other alternative is a mobile phone which has a camera and is connected to a finger print scanner that facilitates the following

  • Capturing demographic data, photographs, bio-metric data (finger print) and signature
  • Supports over-the-counter card/insta card issuance for instant fulfillment
  • Data transfer to backend through FTP or CD media

Enrolment Station Hardware 

  • Laptop, web camera, finger print scanner and signature pad (optional)
  • Basic mobile phone with camera in case of mobile enrollment
  • System Software: Windows XP, SQL Express, Visual Studio.Net 2.0 Frame work, Java J2ME in case of mobile

Enrolment Station Software

  • System Software: Windows XP, SQL Express, Visual Studio.Net 2.0 Frame work, Java J2ME in case of mobile enrolment
  • Application Software: Fino Paytech enrolment software

Enrolment Server Functionality

  • Pre-enrolment master generation to map customers to a particular agent
  • Enrollment data import from FTP or CD for cleaning and CBS account opening
  • Business rule validations
  • Visual data verification and data cleansing to segregate clean records from faulty ones
  • Demo de dupe to identify customers whose demographic details exist in the system
  • Bio de dupe to identify customers whose finger prints exist in the system
  • Generation of account opening files for opening customer accounts in CBS
  • Generation of card personalization files for printing of cards with customer details and photograph

Enrolment Server Hardware

  • QUAD Processor X3850
  • SAN Storage 4TB

Enrolment Server Software

  • System Software: Windows 2003, SQL Enterprise Edition, Visual Studio.NET 2.0 Frame work.
  • Application Software: Fino Paytech enrolment data processing suite


Card Personalization Bureau

The card personalisation bureau manages card data, generated and contained in CMS database, for the personalization process of magnetic cards. It operates in batch regime, providing results for group of cards to be personalized. Its major features are:

  • Card data import from card management system
  • PIN value generation
  • Preparation of visual data for embossing on plastic surface
  • Preparation of data for encoding on magnetic stripe
  • Export data for personalization machine
  • Support for urgent personalization, per card request

Process is adapted to private label card requirements and data structure of magnetic stripe tracks. This product supports, both software and hardware key management, needed for PIN generation and further manipulation.