JLG Loans

MicroFinance Loans


Joint Liability Group (JLG) is a lending model that enables a group of individuals (usually five) to take loans for income generating activity by forming a group, wherein group members guarantee each others’ loans. FINO has been doing JLG lending on behalf of various banking partners and on it own books since 2008.


FINO’s solution provides a platform to source and service customers for group-based microfinance lending. It also offers a unique value proposition to our clients and their customers through a secure lending mechanism.

The unique differentiation comes from our technology leveraged processes which significantly cut down on cost and manual errors, and at the same time lessens the requirements for physical documents. FINO’s technology effectively works in varied environments to capture information and acquire customers at the convenience of their doorstep.

Fino Paytech works on two models:

  1. Own NBFC-MFI: Intrepid Finance and Leasing Pvt. Ltd.

  2. Business Correspondence to various Bank and Other institutions