Business Correspondents Services

Our business correspondent services enable banks to financially include the underserved and unserved rural masses, by offering a bouquet of financial services like savings, deposits, insurance and remittance through a pan India network. Fino Paytech is the largest business correspondent in India, having extensive reach in as many as 499 districts. We also implement the government's EBT scheme to beneficiaries across India.


FINO Fintech Foundation 

Fino Paytech extends its solutions to micro customers through the FINO Fintech Foundation. Incorporated on June 26, 2007, this is a Section 25 company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

FINO Fintech Foundation has been established to promote sustainable livelihoods for the rural poor and underserved classes by helping them achieve economic self-reliance. This is accomplished by providing financial and insurance services as well as technical assistance in an integrated, streamlined, and sustainable manner. 

The activity of this company is not for profit. It is working with Fino Paytech's partners to establish an end-to-end distribution platform, ensuring reach to banks and other financial institutions in those geographies and amongst that section of the population which has been considered by Fino Paytech.


Role of FINO Fintech Foundation 

Fino Paytech Limited provides business correspondent (BC) services through its affiliate company FINO Fintech Foundation (FFF). The role of FFF involves creating an agent network, designing new products, and managing training and audit calendars with banks. FFF promotes sustainable livelihoods and economic self-reliance for the rural poor and unbanked by linking them to financial and insurance services, and offering technical assistance as well. 

FFF also manages a training and audit calendar with banks to ensure that the entire distribution network works in alignment with the overall mandates laid down by the banks.

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