Fino Paytech's innovative solutions facilitate the distribution of financial services in remote locations that have setbacks like minimum connectivity and limited infrastructure. By leveraging these solutions, user entities can enroll customers in the field and issue smart cards as well, if required. 


The customer data collected during the enrolment process needs to be uploaded in the backend systems for data duplication checks, account opening and reporting purposes. 


Customers can then transact in the field through multiple media such as ATM/Micro Deposit Machine, POS and/or mobile. These transactions can then be pushed to the backend core banking system, either in an online or offline mode, depending on the business requirements and available connectivity. 


Backing these functions are various systems, which perform very different supporting, but nevertheless relevant roles. A Terminal Management System manages issuance, blocking, and application updating of POS devices; and a Card Management System manages issuance, hotlisting and re-issuance of cards. 


All these systems are an outcome of Fino Paytech's extensive field experience gained over the past years by serving in tough and remote locations. These systems provide services that are extremely relevant to entities operating in this sector.

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    Technology Solutions Since its inception, Fino Paytech has been a leading player in the field of designing and developing relevant technologies for the rural market. The technology solutions developed in-house by Fino Paytech are robust, cost-effective, and can be fully customised in line with the specific requirements of the clients and the industry.. Learn More

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    International Sales Fino Paytech provides end-to-end solutions to financial institutions aspiring to deploy or scale-up their branchless banking operations. Fino Paytech's robust, scalable and cost-effective technology services ameliorate core business services such as customer acquisition, customer transactions, etc.