Fino Paytech has established a robust, trusted, and secure branchless banking channel to assist clients who offer financial products and services to unbanked customers across geographies.


For our banking clients, we offer a channel combined with technology platform that enables quick acquisition and servicing of customers at any point in time. While offering value to customers, this also gives banks an opportunity to reach out to a larger population.

  • jlg loans

    JLG Loans Joint Liability Group (JLG) is a lending model that enables a group of individuals (usually five) to take a group loan, wherein the responsibility of loan recovery lies on all the group members. JLG-based credit is an industry proven concept and it has been successfully implemented in several countries. Learn More

  • recurring deposits

    Recurring Deposits Recurring Deposit (RD) is a highly effective small savings product. Banks offer this product to help customers manage their finances better and build up their wealth. The design of the recurring deposit product may vary and can be provided to customers through bank branches as well as branchless channels such as Fino Paytech. Learn More

  • remittance

    Remittance Fino Paytech Money Transfer offers a fast and convenient platform to transfer money from the remitter to beneficiaries in the remotest of areas. With our solution, banks can divert customers from their branches by offering money transfer services outside of banking premises and hours.  Learn More

  • deposits

    Savings Fino Paytech aims at enabling savings for micro transaction customers in order to achieve the objective of financial inclusion. The key focus of all banks is to drive a savings product for an effective per-customer portfolio. Learn More

  • shg loans

    Self Help Group (SHG) Loans Fino Paytech's Self Help Group (SHG) solutions leverage Fino Paytech's robust technology platform and pan-India agent (Bandhu) network to provide automated, scalable, efficient and cost-effective servicing of SHG clients outside their associated bank branches.  Learn More