Money Transfer made easier, faster, safer, and hassle-free


The increased migration of people to urban areas in search of livelihood creates the need for easy access to banking services, especially money transfer. According to some studies, the domestic remittance market is estimated at around Rs. 1.2 lakh crores, of which, only around 30% of domestic remittances are routed via formal channels. Majority of the migrant population uses expensive and unsecured informal channels for their money transfer activities.


Fino Paytech's innovative online payment solutions and extensive reach offers customers a safe, reliable and quick means to transfer money back home, while giving banks the opportunity to tap the huge 70% money transfer market that is currently served by informal players.


We provide a fast, reliable and convenient platform to transfer money domestically from the remitter to the beneficiary via Intra-bank (home bank), Inter-bank (NEFT), and the IMPS facility.


Salient Features

  • Customers can avoid the hassles of physically visiting banks, and transfer money as per their convenience
  • Customers can remit funds to a wide array of banks/locations across the country through real time remittance via intra-bank transfer and the IMPS facility
  • Customers get access to more affordable and cost-effective services compared to other available money transfer alternatives
  • Customers' money is safe during transit, thanks to the highly secure process with multiple authentication levels
  • Walk-in remittance facility is convenient for those who do not have a bank account
  • Location and time convenience lead to cost saving for customers as they remit from merchant points
  • Customers have the option of opening a savings bank account with a biometric smart card

Our remittance services are available at key corridors across the country and we are penetrating further in association with our partner banks.


We are keen to partner with stakeholders who are interested in providing remittance services across the country.


Going forward, we would also like to explore international remittances.


For more information on our Remittance offerings, write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.