The success of the business correspondent service domain is rooted in effective field management, because majority of the risks here arise due to remoteness of customers. Fino Paytech has leveraged its extensive field experience to develop appropriate cutting-edge solutions, to manage the varied field aspects of operations more productively.

  • customer enrollment

    Customer Enrolment Solutions Fino Paytech has developed applications that can be used to effectively acquire micro customers. This can be achieved using simple processes and minimal hardware (including mobiles) to address the infrastructural challenges on ground. Fino Paytech's services also assist Indian entities to leverage this technology towards rapid acquisition of micro customers. Learn More

  • hardware solutions

    Hardware Solutions Fino Paytech Financial Inclusion Solution is driven by robust and yet affordable technology and products. Fino Paytech provides a full suite of biometric products for enrolment, storage and verification, while also maintaining all back end system elements – thus enabling them to develop and offer exclusive financial inclusion applications. Learn More

  • operations solutions

    Operations Solutions The operations solutions team manages data messaging to churn out the required information for day-to-day planning and management of operations. The principals may either utilise some of the pre-designed reports by Fino Paytech, or ask for customised reports. Learn More