International Business

Banking beyond borders


Fino Paytech is a pioneer in developing and deploying micro payment solutions that make financial services available to millions of people in unbanked areas.


Access to banking has been possible due to intelligent application of technology and development of solutions bearing in mind the multiple challenges inherent in the rural landscape - including connectivity problems due to lack of mobile network, erratic or no electricity supply, tough/limited accessibility due to difficult terrain, and socio-economic challenges such as illiteracy and lack of regular sustained income.


Over the years, Fino Paytech understood these challenges and developed excellent solutions that heralded a new era in India's banking history, especially in rural areas. Lack of access to banking is a global phenomenon, which is even starker in developing countries. Through the International Business Division (IBD), we at Fino Paytech share our expertise in creating an effective branchless banking infrastructure, with partner banks in countries facing financial exclusion challenges.


Fino Paytech provides:

  • Consultancy expertise to national governments, central banks, commercial banks, cooperative banks, microfinance institutions, insurance companies and not-for-profit institutions
  • Capabilities in the areas of technology architecture, strategy, planning and implementation
  • Expertise in product designing, channel management and capacity building, which is achieved by training bank personnel and field agents in the acquisition and servicing of micro customers
  • Guidance in creating policy framework and banking regulations

Currently, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Tanzania and Mexico benefit from our tech-enabled, branchless banking solutions. Our core objective is to become a preferred partner in the execution of branchless banking solutions across the globe.


For more information on our IBD solutions, kindly contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.