Employee Speak

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What I love about FINO is its work culture. There is tremendous amount of freedom and visibility here for employees to enhance their careers. The company encourages innovative thinking, giving everyone an equal opportunity regardless of their rank/designation. Apart from achieving professional excellence, I have also felt a sense of belonging here. Personally, it has been very satisfying to get an opportunity to coordinate with the senior management at a relatively early stage in my career..
— Tripali Mandape, AVP, Products
I have gained exposure to processes under different roles, such as operations, products, alliances and business strategy, during my six years at FINO. My stint with each has helped me develop a deeper understanding of the payment industry in India. I am very grateful for this enriching journey with the company..
— Dibyendu Nandi, AVP, Strategic Alliances
At FINO, I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most brilliant minds I have ever come across in the six years I have spent with the company. Today, as we stand on the verge of becoming a payments bank, I can envision an exciting and impactful future for FINO..
— Sunil Dixit, AVP, Products
FINO PayTech provides Management Trainees (MTs) various experiences and opportunities to take up different roles and projects. This helps them set and achieve career goals. Moreover, the company offers MTs a chance to work in various geographies. MTs at FINO are an eclectic and culturally diverse group of professionals, united by the common goal to deliver financial products, services, and hope, to millions of unserved and underserved people in India.
— Mini Kashyap, Senior Manager, Talent Management
My five-year journey with FINO has been quite an adventurous one. Far from being a mundane corporate job, my role at the company has given me the opportunity to blaze new trails and create new paths..
— Hitesh Bhatia, Senior Manager, Brand & Communications
FINO has helped me gain exposure to the critical elements of business operations. Having travelled to the interiors of the country, I have a better understanding of the on-ground situations, which has helped me in improving the system and the processes. Additionally, my skill set has also been polished, thanks to the opportunity provided by FINO to help me complete a certification course.
— Babita Sahi, Senior Manager, Processes
I have seen Intrepid grow into a mid-size NBFC-MFI in my three-year association with the company. I believe FINO's employees are its biggest assets. Always up for challenges, they lend each other a helping hand in moving forward towards achieving the organisation's objectives. Our seniors have been steadfast in giving us constant support in every endeavour we take up. I can confidently say that being a part of FINO has been a fulfilling experience.
— Milind Gawaskar, Senior Manager, Fund Raising, Lending
The core philosophy of FINO lies in its disruptive innovation. In the years I have spent with the company, I got the chance to explore various facets of its business such as design, analytics and alliances. I also had the good fortune of working with the top management at close quarters. The guidance and support I received from them has helped me implement new ideas..
— Shridhar Jaiswal, Senior Manager, Strategy