Empowering millions through access to financial services


Savings (Recurring Deposit/Fixed Deposit)


As per some studies, almost 50% of the Indian adult population does not have access to formal banking services. This is a worrying statistic because access to banking products for the unbanked and the underserved segment improves their quality of life. A basic savings account that allows deposit and withdrawal transactions is the first step towards financial empowerment.


Offering customised, affordable and relevant micro products is the key to achieving meaningful financial inclusion (FI). FINO works with its partner banks in their FI efforts. The key focus of all banks is to drive savings products for an effective per customer portfolio.


Fino Paytech provides banks a branchless avenue of offering banking products to customers. Our innovative technology solutions combined with a last mile distribution network ensures cost-effective delivery of financial services in a safe and convenient manner.


We work with multiple banks and service over 28 million active customers spread across the remotest corners of the country. Along with offering basic savings deposit accounts, FINO also offers Fixed deposit (FD) and Recurring deposit (RD) products, tailor-made for the smart card-holding customer base.


Fino Paytech's customised FD and RD products allow customers to enhance their asset base and save wisely for future financial needs.



Salient Features

  • Customer acquisition for partner banks – opening bank accounts and providing bio metric smart cards
  • Servicing customers on behalf of banks by offering savings, deposit, withdrawal, FD and RD through 30,000 transaction points
  • Transactional security offered by biometric authentication
  • FD and RD products have been rolled out across pan India. Customised FD and RD applications support a range of savings deposits as per the partner banks requirement
  • Interest rates in line with regular FD and RD products of banks
  • Option for pre-closure, part closure (in case of FD) and pre-closure (in case of RD) in emergency cases
  • Capability to rapidly roll out FD and RD products for any bank in minimum time

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