Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the knowledge of basic financial concepts and the skills to translate this knowledge into improved financial behaviors.  


 As an independent channel, we not only provide access to financial products and services but also focus on making customers aware about them through our various financial literacy initiatives.


Our financial literacy programmes focus on teaching the knowledge and skills required to adopt good money management practices for budgeting, spending, and saving. Participants in these programmes become equipped with the information and tools to make better financial choices, work towards their financial goals, and enhance their economic well-being.


The FINO PayTech programme will result in higher financial stability of the customers, reduced financial stress (vulnerability), better saving habits, and higher usage of formal savings accounts (provided by banks) through a FINO PayTech smart card.


FINO PayTech has run various financial literacy campaigns with World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC), NABARD and UNDP as partners.