Self Help Group (SHG) Loans

Bringing socio-economic transition


Self Help Groups

Forming and nurturing small, homogeneous and participatory self-help groups (SHGs) amongst the poor, has emerged today as an effective tool for human development, which especially improves the quality of life by giving access to formal credit.


FINO SHG solutions address two key aspects to partner organisations/agencies in the SHG bank linkage space:



Complete self-help promotion solution, undertaking the full scope of SHG bank linkage, right from group formation to savings and credit linkage, and servicing of transactions using skilled and dedicated manpower and technology.


BC and TSP:

Business correspondent (BC) and technology services (TSP) empower banks and MFIs to service the transactions of SHG groups formed/savings linked/credit linked by them.


SHG bank linkage allows the groups to access credit via formal banking channels. It has also proved to be the major supplementary credit delivery system that has gained wide acceptance by banks, NGOs and various government departments.


  • Provides dedicated manpower and infrastructure that works on a cost-effective and a lean operations model. This ensures highest efficiency, while at the same time complying with all the requirements of NABARD and other banks with respect to SHG bank linkage
  • Technology focus in all aspects of operations from tracking and monitoring individual members and groups, to branchless, technology-based servicing of SHGs transactions using robust applications that are developed in-house
  • Highly scalable model due to FINO's widespread presence and existing relationships with banks, agencies and governments
  • Branchless technology focus in transactions ensures that partners/clients enjoy significant cost savings, as it eliminates the need for brick and mortar facilities to service the transactions of SHGs


Our SHG solutions are used by banks, business correspondents, MFIs and even institutions like NABARD. Here, Fino helps with respect to forming, nurturing and even servicing SHG groups through technology and BC services. Our solutions benefit over 80,000 SHG groups across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar.


In Bihar, we are working with NABARD as SHPI, to form, nurture and facilitate SHG bank linkages for diverse groups in association with various banks.


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